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Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The Rifle and Hound in Ceylon. Description Samuel Baker was born in England. After the death of his wife he traveled to Ceylon in Baker established an agriculture settlement in Nuwara Eliva. He helped bring cattle and emigrants from England and made a success of the settlement.

During his stay in Ceylon he spent a great deal of time hunting with his hounds, which became the genesis of this novel and a later work show more. You did just read that correctly.

The Rifle and Hound in Ceylon Stories from the Field, 1845 to 1853

Having certainly earned his place in the pantheon of men, Sir Samuel's reminiscences are in the least wholly fascinating, and if you can stomach the graphic and oftentimes wince educing contemporary racism and wholesale slaughter of animals protected and cherished by today's standards; highly recommended.

December 18, - Published on Amazon.

He and I have read two of Baker 's books and have discussed them as to our interests in hunting, history, exploration, and its readability. He rarely struggles to read books. This one was a struggle.

The Rifle and the Hound in Ceylon by Sir Samuel White Baker - sybynulinano.ga

Every day I got a report on the difficulty of it. But, he persevered, finished it, and then said, "Don't bother!

The Rifle And The Hound In Ceylon (part 2)

March 22, - Published on Amazon. I read his last two books before this one and If I had read this one first, it would have been my last. At one point he surveyed the plains and was proud of the 45 buffalo that he could see rotting. Not to mention the slaughter of many elephants too. It was disgusting.

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January 13, - Published on Amazon. As previous reviewers have commented this book is, for the most part, simply one long catalogue of all the many animals the author managed to slaughter during his trips to Ceylon. He begins the work by trying to justify what he calls "true sport" vs wanton slaughter, stating that the former of which he seems to consider himself foremost champion is characterized by extremes of skill, cunning and perseverance on the part of the hunter. He then proceed to details numerous events of walking right up to firing wildly at groups of animals not knowing or caring how many he wounds or kills.

How this can be considered skill or bravado is beyond me. Also unlike many other 19th century hunting works I have read, where the meat from the kills was always eaten, Baker simply kills as much and as fast as he can for no other reason than bloodlust. Needless to say this did not make for very exciting or pleasant reading.

The only real good part was a second-hand account he gives of an elephant running into a crowd and tearing off and eating a woman's head, torso and limbs!

February 11, - Published on Amazon. The author describes his hunting experience in pristine Ceylon now Sri Lanka in the early 's with muzzle loading firearms and hounds. Has very detailed hunting and exploring voyages inside Ceylon's forests and parks, abounding with game as elephants, boar, deer and bear.